Published : Jul 15, 2022

6 Reasons Why Taking a Road Trip Along Route 62 is Worth it

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Plenty to see and do

While travelling along the R62 you will be driving through exquisite towns like Montagu, Robertson, Calitzdorp and Barrydale. Route 62 is an excellent alternative to the N2 because the road is safe, less stressful and offers plenty to do along the way and the scenery is not to be missed.
The stunning natural beauty makes the journey something to look forward to with its grandiose mountain passes, fruit orchards, copious vineyards, and long stretches of Karoo landscapes. There are many stops along the way that you can explore and grab a bite to eat.

Montagu Springs Resort

Montagu Springs Resort is the ultimate family holiday destination with cost-effective self-catering accommodation a mere two hours drive from Cape Town along the famous Route R62. There are plenty of family activities for the entire family to engage in, including a kiddie play park and jungle gym, a heated swimming pool, splash pool for the little ones and three other swimming pools. There are various nearby attractions in the vicinity that will keep the kids occupied and make for a worthwhile family vacation.

Affie Plaas Farmstall

Plaas Farmstall is located between Robertson and Worcester where you can stop for essential road trip refreshments like biltong, dried fruit, droëwors. They also stock sweets and lucky packets for the children. You can also enjoy a cup of Joe or a quick lunch at the restaurant.

Wine Route

The R62 is proclaimed to have the longest wine route in the world. It is worth making a few stops at some of the wineries to try out some locally made wines on offer. Robertson Winery is situated in the centre of town and is worth a visit to stock up on some wines for your cellar when returning home. There are plenty of child-friendly farms to visit as well, including Bon Cap, Ashton, Major’s Hill, Viljoensdrift, Bon Courage, and Rooiberg.

Ronnie’s Sex Shop

Hang on, do not be alarmed when you read the name because it is not what you may think. Ronnie has become an infamous character in the Little Karoo Region since years ago when he opened shop. The shop was initially named “Ronnie’s Shop” but one night friends of his decision to add the scarlet word to the name to attract more customers and boost the popularity of the shop.
It has since become a popular attraction for passing tourists and the walls feature graffiti writings of travellers from all over. This location makes for an interesting stop along the R62, and you might just be fortunate enough to be served by Ronnie himself.

Cango Caves

The Cango Caves with its unique dripstone caverns are a must-see attraction just outside Oudtshoorn. The kids will be amazed at the gigantic halls and soaring natural formations. There are tours available that you can book and since you are in an ostrich country, why not stop at one of the ostrich farms too.

Cango Wildlife Ranch

This is one of the many highlights when you embark on a road trip along Route R62. The Ranch is situated 3km from Oudshoorn and provides sanctuary to endangered animal species like the tiger, cheetah, leopard, and white lion. There are also a broad variety of interesting activities for families to enjoy.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the reasons why you should consider taking a road trip along Route R62 the next time you are planning a family vacation. Remember when you are travelling with kids, do not forget to pack activity packs to keep them occupied along the way and be sure to check out some of our suggested activities and accommodation to make this family vacation a truly unforgettable one.

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