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Montagu is very much known for its gorgeous fauna and flora. The rock formations, the hiking trails, the wine tours, the 4x4 drives, the scenic tours, the nature reserves. For those who like quieter and more peaceful activities, Montagu is perfect for bird watching and attracts ornithologists from across the world. We’re here to tell you where to find the best bird watching spots and what birds to look out for.

A surprising and very popular bird watching spot is the Leiwater Dam right in the centre of town. This spot attracts a lot of avian enthusiasts as it is home to 18 species, including herons, shrikes, and the Sacred Ibis. It also attracts other visiting species – thus far 52 different species have been counted. Recently, a bird hide has been constructed and funded by the local community, upping the number of tourists who head to Montagu for bird watching and making it a unique experience of a bird gathering spot in an urban setting.

Other spots for bird watching include the Montagu Mountain Reserve and the Montagu Nature Garden. The town is surrounded by different game lodges and wine farms that you can visit, as well as lots of stretches of unencumbered natural areas. Or perhaps you would just like to sit on next to the pool at Montagu Springs with a pair of binoculars and document what birds you can see here (if you do, please share your findings with us online or at the reception)!

There are a few databases online that documents all of the birds that you could find in Montagu. There is also a Facebook page for the Montagu bird watching community where the latest pictures and updates are shared. Some of the highlights include the African Dusky Flycatcher, the Cape Rock-Jumper, the Chestnut-Vented Babbler, the Orange-Breaster Sunbird, four types of owls, five types of kingfishers, and various types of warblers.

We can’t wait to welcome our avian experts at Montagu Springs. Be sure to ask at reception if you need any recommendations for or directions to bird watching spots. And don’t forget to tag us in your stunning pictures!

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