Ghost Tours in Montagu

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Montagu is a beautiful historic town, having been founded in 1851. Surrounded by mountains and giant rock formations, the town is quaint and vibrant. The streets are lined with gorgeous buildings and millions of stories run through our part of the world. For those of us who like to hear tales that are on the spooky side, a ghost tour is a must. Flying Feet Tours is the go-to for this experience.

The Ghost and Historic Town tour offers a unique chance to relive the lives of people that have come before us and to preserve and carry forward the town’s history. Marchelle van Zyl will be your fantastic guide and is well-loved by the locals and tourists alike. Marchelle put together the tour by collecting stories from the people who have lived in Montagu for a long time and have had these stories passed down to them or experienced the tales themselves. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the lives of the locals, as well as honouring the previous residents of Montagu.

The tour can be done either as a walking tour or as a cycling tour on one of Flying Feet’s hand painted Dutch-style bikes. They typically last an hour and a half and will be filled with laughs, gasps, and possibly shrieks! If you’re not up for the scare, the company offers history and art tours without the paranormal.

You can book the tour here.

If you need help booking or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team at reception who will be able to assist you further. Don’t forget to tag us on social media, especially if you caught a ghost on camera!

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