Where to do snow spotting near Montagu this winter

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With a cold winter ahead, Montagu is located near many excellent snow spotting spots. The following list are the best locations within 30 minutes to 2 hours from Montagu Springs, making this an excellent day trip for the whole family. Enjoy the scenic drive and the excitement of being the first to spot snow. Who knows? You might even have a snowball fight!

Koo Valley

The Koo Valley and Koo or Burgers Pass is only 30 minutes away from Montagu Springs and has had some great snowfalls in previous years. Stretching between Montagu and Touws River, this region is known for KOO products, which have stocked South African households for 80 years.

Robertson and Worcester Mountain Ranges

The mountain ranges that stretch between the Huguenot tunnel and Robertson are often snow-capped in the winter months. These ranges will also have some more accessible areas after fresh snowfall.

Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve

This one is a bit less accessible, as one must pay entrance to the nature reserve and have a car that can handle 4x4 driving. It is, however, the best spot hands down for snow. Matroosberg often remains covered in snow days after snowfall, making it a favourite spot.


If you can’t manage to make it to the Matroosberg Reserve, the surrounding Ceres area is a good alternative. The town is famous for its fruit, and you can often find snow among the fruit tree orchards. The town is also home to the South African Ski Club, and one can often find great spots for skiing, snowboarding, and snowman building.


The quaint town of Tulbagh is surrounded by mountains and open fields that are often dusted in snow during the winter. Christmas In Winter is an annual festival held over one weekend, exciting the holiday spirit 6 months early!

Always be sure to check the weather beforehand and keep an eye out on social media and news outlets for where there is fresh snowfall. You can ask at the Montagu Springs reception as well, who will be able to find out this information for you. With this many snow spotting spots, Montagu Springs is the ideal accommodation, as you can be out playing in the snow within as little as 30 minutes. We can’t wait to welcome you this winter!

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